SHARE SQUARE PHOTO BINGO IS LIKE COMPETITIVE INSTAGRAM!  You’re already taking pictures to share with friends … Share Square Photo Bingo turns those photos into a game, adding a fun, new twist on the familiar. SHARE SQUARE PHOTO BINGO IS A PHOTO SAFARI USING A BINGO CARD!  Choose a pre-made themed game, or create a custom game of your own.  Invite friends to play and they’ll each get a unique bingo card with items to find.  When you've found one of the items on your board, touch the square and the camera app opens.  When you take the shot, the image is automatically shared with the other players for their vote.  You can share the images on social media and also  use the in-game chat to connect with other players. First one to get five images in a row wins! Share Square Photo Bingo takes “Pics Or It Didn’t Happen” to a new level.
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Play everywhere

Play Share Square Photo Bingo at bars, in airports, on camping trips, at weddings, at the zoo, at the beach, in an office meeting or while tailgating. Or create your own bingo board and play it somewhere we haven't even thought of yet. Play Share Square Photo Bingo everywhere – with friends who are nearby – or ones who are far away. Share Square Photo Bingo is a social game that you play with your Facebook friends. Remember: Pics or it didn't happen!

Free to play

Share Square Photo Bingo is a free game. Well, freemium, actually. Paying 99 cents removes ads and much, much more.
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You won't find any restrictions in the free game. Just some annoying ads.
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The paid version allows more players, more customized game, and more.
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By paying for the app you are supporting our developers and helping us create new features in future versions.
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