Share Square is a fun combination of bingo and a photo safari.  It’s competitive INSTAGRAM!

How to Play:

1. Choose a premade or custom game, then choose a 3×3 or 5×5 game board size

PREMADE: Game boards on a wide variety of things you do with friends and family.  Pick a category, then pick a specific game. Tap ‘next’ to proceed at the bottom of each screen. NOTE:  Premade games generate bingo cards with different items and different configurations for each player
CUSTOM:  Create your own custom game for any event or subject by filling in a game name, then the Square items as prompted.  (Optional: you can fill in more than eight items for a 3×3 game and more than 24 items for a 5×5 game. Players will get random combinations of the items on their game card)

2.  Invite players to your game

Choose from Facebook friends on the scroll list or invite players via search (the game will generate an email or text invite).  Tap ‘next.’

3. Your game board

Here are the items you need to find.  Have you found one of these items? Tap a Share Square and your camera will automatically open (if the text is too small to read, press on the Square for magnification).  

Take the picture!  Or you can use your photos from outside the game … to access your camera roll, tap “library” and make your selection

Your game board will reappear, with your photo populating the Share Square.  A notification will go to other players giving them five minutes to approve your photo.   If a majority of players give a thumbs-up, it stays on the board.

When others fill in a Square, you’ll get a notification to vote.  After you vote, hit the return arrow in the upper left corner to return to your board.

Even if you’ve exited the app during an active game, you’ll still receive notifications.

Want to see how other players are doing?  Tap their photo/name at the bottom of the screen.

First Bingo wins!

Chat with players using the icon in the upper right.  Conversations are private to individual games and its players.